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Our goal is absolute customer confidence in the company and maximum customer satisfaction.

Advantages of cooperation with us:

PKP Ruslan & Co. is a reliable partner for wholesale distributors and DIY networks, as well as customer-oriented to the end user.

If you are committed to fruitful cooperation, business development, the acquisition of high-quality decorative panels, please contact us. We are always interested in cooperation with you, because your success is our positive result, our business reputation and recognition of our products on the market.

Partnership with us is:

• Timely uninterrupted supply of products;

• A wide range and selection of sizes of PVC, MDF panels and mounting profiles for them;

• High quality, product warranty, optimum thickness and rigidity of the panels;

• Many designs in accordance with fashion trends in the segment of interior decoration;

• Competitive and flexible terms of cooperation, individual approach to each partner;

• Quality service and support in the promotion, providing the necessary POS-materials for all customers.

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