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Catalog of our products

Production and Commercial Enterprise LLC Ruslan and K produces high-quality decorative PVC and MDF panels. Today it is a popular finishing material in the construction market. Consumers choose our product for the optimal ratio of excellent consumer characteristics, affordable prices, aesthetics, durability.

The advantages of our PVC panels:

• High content of PVC in panels

• 100% moisture resistance and moisture resistance

• Thermal insulation

• Easy and quick installation

• Easy care

• Soundproofing

• Quality packaging

• Environmental friendliness

• Fire safety

• Long service life (average 10 years)

• High-quality components

• Wide range of

• Resistance to mechanical damage (PVC film laminated)


The advantages of our MDF panels:

• Quality base

• The optimal width of the finished product

• Modern designs with a structural 3D effect.

• Water-resistant finish film

• Shrink Packaging

Advantages of the profile group of goods:

• In the range of more than 50 items

• Decorated corners for each panel decor

• Wide scope when using other finishing materials


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